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Tobiquest Solutions specializes in web development, web solutions,
computer networking and general application development. We house a team of seasoned professional developers led by our CEO/Sr. Technical Architect Tobi Oshin.

For front-end design and creativity, we partner with experienced visual designers from and

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction. Bring us your business problems and we promise quick prompt business solutions.

Our Product Offerings Include:
Name: Intranet Portal
Description: Intranet Portal includes a complete suite of collaboration applications to address the needs of everyone in your organization. In addition, Intranet Portal enables secure access to your intranet and features a wide range of administration tools that help you maximize the effectiveness of your intranet.
The Intranet Portal collaboration suite is the ideal solution for small businesses and groups inside larger organizations that need to organize information, share files and documents, coordinate calendars and enable efficient collaboration, all in a secure, browser-based environment. Intranet Portal provides its users with a simple and effective way to gain the benefits of an intranet.
Requirements: Cold Fusion & Microsoft SQl Server
Price: $1500. per license

Name: Alumni Class Site Portal
Description: Alumni Class Site Portal is an application that allows you to create an online forum for your alumni class. It allows you to store profile information of your classmates, sends out birthday emails, mailing list, events, guestbook and many more features
Requirements: Cold Fusion & Microsoft SQl Server
Price: $1500. per license

Name: Search criminal records
Description: This application integrates with national criminal record providers via an Http xml gateway interface providing you access to over 170 million criminal records. This application also integrates customer registration, billing, invoicing and support system.
Requirements: Cold Fusion & Microsoft SQl Server
Price: $3500. per license

We provide solutions for —
Web Application Development:
•Active Server Pages
•Cold Fusion
•SQL Server

Web Hosting Setup:
•Internet Information Server

Mail Server Configuration Setup:

Server Configuration Setup:
•Windows 2000 Advanced Server
•Red Hat Linux 9

Network Configuration Setup:
• Local Area Networks LAN/TCPIP
• Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
• Firewall/Proxy
• Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
• File Sharing